1. What Are The Services Company Is Providing You?

We are providing Ride& Parcel Services both within the city area in very nominal price. Ride Services is for both Male/Female and in Parcel Service any Parcel up to 5 Kg & Sq.Ft can be sent.

2. What Are The Unique Features In Your Concept?

Our unique services: -

Off line ride request
Wallet free online payment
Fare transparency
Vehicle choices
Female drivers
No fluctuating fare
Speed controller
Unique & attractive offers For more details contact our customer care department
Corporate & personal parcel service
User friendly App
Guardian control
SOS switch
Mobile charger
helmet for customers
selecting shortest route
insured ride
verified drivers
trained drivers
customer’s valuable feedback
Strongly believe in Social work

we are always reedy to help peoples free of cost by

Donating blood for customers
Organising green corridor for critical patience
Helping senior citizens to reach their destination
Guiding visitors to know more about our city
Informing Police about unethical practices
Not charging for critical patience’s medicine delivery
Helping needy people

3. Can I Book A Ride For A Later Time/Date?

Whenever there is a significant mismatch between supply of bikes in a particular area with the demand for these bikes then a surcharge is added over and above regular fare. 2WT Bike Taxi operates both on fleet & marketplace model and doesn’t control the number of bikes online on its platform; verified rider partners are independent and are not instructed by 2WT to follow particular working hours. Applying surcharge is necessary to motivate Rider partners to stay active in the system for longer hours including night hours or to move to areas where riding conditions are tough. In the absence of any such additional monetary advantage riders would not provide service in such time or area. This multiplication factor is clearly communicated to the user before booking the ride if applicable for the selected service type at user’s pick up location.

4. Which Are The Areas In Which 2wt Bike Taxi Is Operational?

Future Plan is Pan India Launching, city & states will update you according to city requirement.

5. How Much Time Will It Take For My Rider To Come?

Any online request will needed to be matched by an accepting rider who is in the 5 km radius of your location. The actual ETA will be displayed in the app at the time of booking itself based on traffic estimate and distance. If there is no rider within your 5 km radius, you won’t have an option to book Ride However, we are populating enough riders to ensure the availability especially in peak hours.

6. What If I See No Rider Available?

This means that the demand in your area has surpassed the supply. Please inform us about your area by dropping mail at support@ordo.bike or call us @ 78-28-92-92-92.

7. How Do I Cancel My Booking?

The Customer can cancel the request within 2 minutes of placing the booking or before your rider arrives without any cost. There are no cancellation charges for the time being after that charges will apply according to slab.

8. What If The Rider Doesn’t Turn Up?

Though we specifically train our Riders to value customer's time & our Riders ensure they reach the destination at the scheduled time but still at times there are other factors that are impossible to control. Please do call the Rider on the shared mobile number to confirm his arriving time. In case he doesn’t turn after repeated calls or is unreachable, kindly cancel the booking by selecting Rider not Arrived on time and re-book. Also please inform us about this incident by dropping a mail at support@ordo.bike

9. Where Can I Give Feedback Regarding The Service?

We would love to hear from you about your experience, good or bad, on using our system with us. You have the option of providing the rating and feedback after every ride by Receiving Recorded Automated Feedback Caller. Regarding anything else just drop us a mail at support@ordo.bike

10. How Do I Catch A Bike Taxi?

If you see a driver To avail our ride service simply follow 2 Steps:-
1. Download the Application received by message & enjoy unlimited benefits given by company.
2. If you don’t have a Smartphone or our application. Don’t worry, Simply provide your mobile no. to the nearby ________ ? you & enjoy your ride.

11. Till Where Can The Bike Taxi Take Me?

Pretty much anywhere in Downtown within the city! Check out this map to see where we operate. For safety reasons, we don’t climb the steep hills east of the railroad tracks. To provide you with the most responsive service, our drivers stay moving around to provide you better services.

12. How Many People Can Fit In A Bike Taxi?

Up to one adult with child below 8 years.

13. Can I Hire A Bike Taxi For An Event?

Yes! That is subject to policy made by company to know more details send a mail @ support@ordo.bike or call us @ 78-28-92-92-9

14. What If It’s Hot Or Rainy?

For Hot season, we will provide you wet wipes, sweating cap & drinking water. For Rainy Season, we will provide you wind sheet subject to availability.

15. How Do I Flag Down A 2wt?

Yell, whistle, or wave! Otherwise, feel free to call our dispatch at 504-891-3441, we will send a 2wt right to your location.

16. How Drivers Can Find My Location?

With the help of our advanced designed application & support of Google map. Driver can reach your location with perfection.

17. Are Ordo Safe?

Ordo are extremely safe, they are equipped with running lights, brake lights, reflective paint, and hydraulic brakes. We designed our app & concept to ensure as maximum as possible.

18. Are Ordo Bike Drivers Trained?

Ordo drivers take a drug test, a physical, federal background check, a safety training course, and go through an extensive 2wt operations training along with police training, we organized in every 3 months for traffic & regulation updates.

19. How Much Are 2wt Rates?

Ordo rates are set by the city depends on the city, 1 thing for sure we are providing you best in the industry. For more details visit our price section.

20. Can I Hire Ordo For Special Events?

Yes, the person can hire, For more information & details Call our customer care Department.

21. Is Registration Mandatory To Use 2wt Bike Taxi?

Yes, Its mandatory but for customer benefit & 1st time user we are providing offline booking feature but its recommended by company to register yourself to available our all benefits including insurance benefits.


Detailed rate card is available in our Mobile app. Please download our latest version from Google play store.

23. Are There Any Waiting Charges?

No, There are waiting charges, we only charging for real time Running.

24. What Are The Payment Channels Available?

Currently payment through cash are available and 3 Online Options :-
1. Debit/Credit Card
2. Online Banking
3. PayUMoney

25. How Do I Book A Ride?

Download the app from the android app store and sign up. Check for the nearest Riders on the booking page and click on ‘Request Rider’ button. After the booking, you will receive the details for both Rider & Bike. You can use these details to connect with the Rider & in turn he can also get in touch with you. Ask the Rider for the helmet & safety precautions. Upon completion of the ride, pay by cash or wallet.

26. Is There Any Surcharge?

No, we don’t charge anything extra or other than the standard per KM and per Min Charges. Its Fixed Not Flexible.

27. Can I Book A Ride For A Later Time/Date?

Yes, 2WT Bike Taxi is an on-demand bike ride service, we match real time bike supply & demand to provide bike ride to willing customers. We do accept bookings for future date/time but availability of riders is dependent on the time schedule of that ride even you can select & save 3 Address of the places you are travelling frequently.

28. Why Choose 2WT TAXI Over The Cab Taxis?

2WT TAXI is Convenient, Cheap and Fast. Why pay more when you can get to your destination in half the price compared to cab taxis and have more than sufficient bikes with us. You will reach your destination fast too because unlike cabs you will not get stuck in traffic jams. It can access any road, any way and makes it easy for you to reach on time. Anywhere, anytime!

29. How To Book A 2WT TAXI

Mobile App Hail a 2WT TAXI Help Desk No. +91 78-28-92-92-92

30. Where Can I Avail The Service?

To Check the service areas download our application & check the availability in your city or visit our website www.ordo.bike or call us @ 78-28-92-92-92

31. What Is The Time When I Can Avail The Service?

Our service is available from 6.00 AM to 10.00 PM all 7 Days.

32. What Are The Charges Of 2WT TAXI?

We charge Rs. 10.00 For 2 Km and Rs. 4.00 per Kms & rs. 1 per Minute for Safety reasons to ensure Biker will not drive rush. Register now When we say it is Convenient, we mean it

33. What Is 2WT’s Peak Time Charge?

No, We Don’t Charge any peak time charge.

34. Can I Book Your Taxi For Someone Else Using My Credit/Debit Card?

No, You Can’t, because As per Insurance & RTO guidelines the customer will only ride for himself.

35. Is There Any Surcharge Applied To My Standard Fare?

No, We Don’t Charge any Sub charge other than the standard per KM and per Min Charges. Its Fixed Not Flexible


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